The friends that are part

of Villa Lina’s family in the years:

Artist Cy Twombly

coming out of the “Etruscan Grotto”

with Chessie von Thyssen.

Murray Partridge at the pool.

Composer Richard Horowitz

& iranian singer Sussan Deyhim

at Portale’s House.

Homeyra (sister) & daughter.

Richard Horowitz, Sussan Deyhim,

Jewelery Designer Solange Azagury-

Partridge & Paola, Ivana, Roberta.

Dear late friend Tatia Franchetti

Composer, musician Francis Kuipfers.

Scores for Abel Ferrara

(with Philip Glass scores for

Godfrey Reggio’s “Qatsi trilogy “).

Cheick N’Diguel Fall

Head of Sufi Baye Fall brotherhood