We have specialized

in meaningful moments:

“hen parties”, graduations,

important birthdays, family reunion:

(excursions guided by Paola Igliori

in the “inside stories” of Etruscan

Medievale, Renaissance, Tuscia

massage marathons, discovery walks

with identification of wild herbs on the estate

explore the methodology of our herb lab,

workshops & lessons, surprise folk music..!)

usually they last one week end

but we have had who came

from NY with a group of friends

for a whole week to celebrate

his 40th birthday

came back for the 50′

and now would like to celebrate

the father’s 80th !

Wine tasting creative performance:

led in a gauze confessional

given a chalice of “Costanza” chilled wine

3 lines each,

create a remarkable poem!

Unique events with live music

& projections in our “Club House”

with Luciano’s mythical cocktails!

End of Summer Equinox Party

at the olympic pool!

…but we also have experience

of incentive for creative firms

and large events.